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When I first started my company I tried to be super careful and walk on eggshells. I didn’t want to step on toes or offend people by telling them whatever they were doing sucked. I didn’t want to make someone mad by deciding not to work with them… Or Deciding that partnering up on projects wasn’t worth it to me.

I sucked it up and bit my tongue. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that sometimes that doesn’t need to happen… there are moments. I mean don’t be a prick. But for the most part people need to hear the real gritty truth.

• Sometimes your idea sucks. It doesn’t mean you suck as a person. But sometimes your idea is just really terrible.

• Sometimes your business environment makes it to where you are not able to keep employees. No one wants to be talked down to, Steve.

• Oh and sometimes the fact that you think you are always right makes it to where it is pointless for you to attempt to pay me to help you with your business problems. Because no matter how many times I need you to change something… You want to argue that you are right.

• Sometimes we both hate each other… It’s not that you super suck… And maybe I don’t super suck either… But our personalities go together like oil and water. So sometimes it’s just best if we both tap out. No harm no foul.

• Sometimes if you’re not ready to hear that “this is the way you have always done it “is what got you here in the first place… Maybe you aren’t ready for me.

…And on and on.

Here are the facts.
Just because you have a business and just because you want to make your clients happy… Does not mean that you don’t get to talk REAL to them. If they don’t like it… Maybe they are not your ideal client. And maybe you are not their ideal person. And maybe, just maybe they aren’t ready for the help you can provide.

It’s fine. The world will continue. I promise.

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