you donttt I have always wanted to be that happy-go-lucky person. You know the one. The girl that pukes butterflies and poops rainbows. Always has a smile on here face. Gleams with sunshine and glitter. Trips and falls on a fluffy cloud of awesomeness.
Alas, I was more like the girl that falls down a cliff, bursts into flames and claws back up the other side yelling “I am okay guys”. I was the one that said I few too many F-bombs and said “this sucks” far too many times…because well…it sucked.
I wanted SO BAD to be to make my life a positive life. I could go on and on and on about all that I have been through and all the trauma and so on…and how I THOUGHT for so long that this defined me so deeply and soiled me so badly that I was destined to never truly be happy and never truly be positive. I thought because some days were hard, my life wasn’t always sparkly, that meant it just wasn’t in the cards for me.
I was wrong.
Living a positive life. Being a positive person. That DOES NOT mean that you don’t have bad days. That DOES NOT mean things don’t suck. That DOES NOT mean you can’t be sad, or mad, or over it. That only means YOU. DON’T. STAY. THERE.
You can feel all the feels…good & bad…and live a positive life.
You can f-bomb it and be over it today …and live a positive life.
Especially with all that is going on in this world today… some days blow. We can know that. We can feel that. We can acknowledge how it makes us feel. That is the BEST thing you can do to live a positive life!
What I have found in my business, as well as in coaching others that seemed that they had “it all together and who were the most positive people ever…is they also have suck days too….lots of them….we all do.
So embrace it. It’s normal. It’s all part of this crazy thing called life…it’s your story…and who wants a story where everything is perfect anyway. Bor-ing.
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