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Our team consists of business experts specializing in podcasting, social media, web development, SEO, and more!

Maria Daniels


CEO and Founder of Reset Business Consulting, Maria finds great joy in rural development and is on local and state Chambers of Commerce in Ohio and Kentucky. Ultimately deciding to make Reset’s homebase a renovated bank building in Russellville, Maria strategically made this decision to serve as a case study for the state of Ohio so to potentially expand rural economic development in other small Ohio towns.  Our space also serves as a co-working space with a newly established coffee bar that Maria also helped start. Maria is all about local businesses and she absolutely puts her money and her time where her mouth is.

Outside of rural economic development, Maria finds a great deal of passion in working through messy businesses to find out where their areas of opportunity lie. Making masterpieces out of messes is absolutely Maria’s sweet spot.  Outside of her Business Consulting company, Maria is also an integrative nutritionist, an herbalist, and is passionate about the wellness world and sustainable agriculture. 

Tim Croll


Tim Croll is an experience E-Comm business owner and entrepreneur. His experience spans from owning a service-based company to building a multi-million dollar Ecom business. But what sets him apart is his ability to communicate a complex business strategy into a step-by-step action plan. It is the connection and sharing on a personal level that creates relevance to his message for marketing and strategy. He has been certified as a coach for AGS, Kidlead and holds masters degree in leadership development. He teaches weekly for several groups and writes for publications.

Jen Sebold

Chief Operating Officer

Jen is the "Jack of all Trades". During college, she worked as a database engineer and built 3D imagery for military and commercial contracts. After graduating from Troy University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a minor concentration in Computer Science, she immediately began her career working at a billboard company and local print shop. Since 2012, Jennifer has been running her business Designs by Zal, focused on graphic design & web development services. She notices all the details and keeps things in order.

Stacey Pryce

Chief Customer Officer

Stacey is our Media Manager and she’s also our Podcast Producer. She loves being able to listen to the content recorded by our podcast clients because she gets to absorb the knowledge shared by them. Even more than the content, she feels like she’s truly been successful with a client when she’s earned their trust. Stacey is a bit of a wordsmith, which is probably why she spends so much time concentrating on every word of the podcasts she produces. Outside of work, you can find Stacey skateboarding, hiking or getting lost in the woods.

Alex Hylton

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex is a digital marketing & graphic design professional specializing in both visual brand identity and digital marketing for businesses of all sizes. Over the course of his career, he has designed and implemented marketing strategies and advertising campaigns across a variety of industries, including public safety, healthcare, entertainment, professional services, and not-for-profit.

Waylon Makstaller

Videographer/ Photographer

Waylon enjoys exploring new locations when it comes to working with a camera. He loves to travel the Appalachian Mountains and enjoys sightseeing. He loves showing off his creativity to the world by uploading his videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. He dreams of owning his own production company!

Diverse Team of Experts

Reset Business Consulting was founded on the concept that you can "reset" your business. Our team consists of businesses that specialize in a variety of marketing services. We have experts dedicated to podcasting, social media, SEO, web development, and more! We dissect all the pieces of your business to understand the elements you need to bring profitability and growth.

Like any masterpiece, your marketing strategy should have solid foundational principles and a customized plan that best showcases your organization’s brand, mission, and values.  Reset Business Consulting has been helping businesses of all sizes scale up their marketing efforts. We can refresh all of your web-focused strategies to attract new customers and wow your current client or customer base.



"Beautiful venue! Great for meetings or events. Maria the owner is an inspiration to rural marketing."

Beth Kress

"Reset Business Consulting has become a valuable resource to the Brown Chamber and it's members. Highly recommend!"

Melissa Jimison

"Maria Daniels' passion for marketing and finding ways to use this discipline for her clients is unmatched."

Pat Frew

"Maria is phenomenal at her craft and a real pleasure to work with. She's very strategic in thinking and insightful with all of her comprehensive experience."

LaDonna Lewis

"I can confidentially say that Reset Business Consulting is the absolute best at what they do. Knowledgeable, innovative, and very easy to work with. If you want to get your business on the right path or take your marketing to the next level, RBC will get you there."

"Reset Business Consulting is a business game changer. They walk you through the process from strategic plan, to brand story, and into full implementation. To state it lightly, they help you define your role in the marketplace."

Ian Mcauley

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