know value One thing that I am adamant about, is the fact that no matter how amazing an idea is… If it is not fully considered on how it will fit into every aspect of your life… It is worthless.
For any of you whoever has sat through me talking about this… This comes as no surprise… but the very basics of ANYTHING comes down to three basic things.
1.) Values – We all have core values. If we attempt to do anything that goes against our core values.. it won’t last. Think of this as the foundation of a house.
2.) Priorities – We all can get bogged down with “to-do list “items pretty much all day every day. But the key to fully, and effectively executing anything is to establish your priorities. But, one thing to remember is the fact that these priorities need to fit into your values.. they can’t be in opposition. If the values are the foundation of the house, then the priorities are the walls.
3.) Actions – This is the part that most business owners hop straight to and get all excited about, and for good reason. We start a business to DO the business, right?! However, if we are making decisions and hopping around without consideration of if those actions fit into our priorities AND into our values… we are wasting our time. If the values are the foundation, the priorities are the walls, then the actions are the roof. We wouldn’t expect to throw to roof up there without the support of the foundation and the walls.. and you can’t make your action list without support from your priorities and values.
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