Utilizing 3 Easy Marketing Tips to Help Your Business THRIVE

Marketing is a dirty word to so many people. While they know that it is a major part of the lifeblood of any company…many of us put it off and put it off “until we have time” or “because it’s too difficult”. Let’s be honest, there is SOOOO much marketing information out there that it can be confusing, even to professionals. No one wants that added stress…especially when all they can think about is the pool or the beach or the lake that’s calling their name.

The key to utilizing what you need to do in marketing, all while embracing the call to have a great summer is easy…KEEP IT SIMPLE! (How? Read below)


#1 Delivery Systems.

Again. There are SOOO many delivery systems to get your product or service in front of your customer. Facebook. Instagram. Google ads. Print ads. Radio ads. Email. The list goes on and on and on. The fact of the matter if you are trying to do it all…most of it is going to go nowhere. More is not better. better is better. So choose a few options that YOU are comfortable with and learn them deeply, and use them thoroughly.

#2 Your Message

Have you ever had that moment where when you explained what you did and what you have to offer and why…it melted out of your mouth like butter?

In contrast, have you also had that moment where you forgot every word that you ever knew and it fell out of your mouth like the pile of garbage it was and just wanted to slink away and hide? No? Just me? Okay. Cool.

Well, if you are lucky enough to have never experienced the horror of the wrong words coming out or a blank stare because your brain has abandoned you…then yay you…but for the rest of us..if we can harness the moments that we can articulate our message and create content around that message…BOOM! You can use that message over and over and over.

#3 Your Target
This one was a hard one for me for so long. I wanted to be everything for everyone and (apparently) enjoyed spreading myself so thin that small children cried when they saw the stressed-out shell of the women I used to be.

Well…not really…but kinda.


Say that with me. Seriously. Say it.

When we start our businesses, we tend to be so eager ( and poor) that we are literally willing to make anyone our customer. However, if we are servicing a customer that is far outside of where our target should be, we are taking MORE time…MORE resources…and MORE EVERYTHING from our business and ourselves…and it’s almost always not worth it.

You need to decide WHO your target is. What do they look like? What do they wear? What’s their name? What do they smell like? (okay, the smell is optional…but preferred)

Seriously though. Decide WHO this person is and talk TO THIS PERSON.

Why? Because the BEST definition of marketing is ” Pulling in the people you want, while at the same time repelling the people you don’t”.

Sound harsh? Well, it’s not.

If you can target the person that you should be talking to and spend your time talking to that person…your business will thrive and IF it is thriving that opens you up to give back. Give money. Give time. Give…because THAT is what changes the world.

If you are still lost and need help with how to make better use of your time and marketing dollars. I get it. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the weeds and not be sure of where to start.

I am happy to offer a Free 30-Minute Consultation to get you out of the weeds and get your bearings. Getting lost is only cool when it’s part of your summer wanderlust goals.

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