"Great things never came from comfort zones" “Great things never came from comfort zones”

If the idea that the ” comfort zone” is not the best zone for a business was not on the forefront of your thought process before 2020, chances are that has become a blaring reality at this point.

I have Watched. Waited. Pondered. As things have transpired one thing remained very clear. The people who were surviving these crazy and unprecedented times were the ones who could pause, pivot, and keep moving.

That seems so simple, yet so many people just STOP when they hit a roadblock.

Maybe I am lucky in the fact that I came from a poor family. We didn’t have “the best”. We only had what we had and we had to learn to think out of the box for most things. So it seems easy for me to do things a tad different when one way isn’t an option.

I never considered that a strength when I was growing up, but in reality, I have pulled from that set of skills so much in my life, and in my business, because…let’s face it…life rarely works out the way we plan it and business is no different.

So how do you start to step out of those comfort zones and ACT when we hit these roadblocks instead of reacting? Well, first…decide that you want to be great. You want a great business. You want a great life. Then realize that great things TRULY never come from comfort zones. Great things come from acknowledging resistance and taking action.

None of us planned for 2020 to be like this. Guess what? Tough luck..it is. So should we worry and fret about what we CAN”T do because of this or what we could have done IF? NO. What good does that do? Does it change the outcome? Absolutely not.

What changes the outcome is you. You taking action. You being flexible. You thinking outside of the box. Forget everything else.

What does your business have that no one else can offer? YOU.
If that feels overwhelming, don’t worry. You are not alone. Anything new can feel uncomfortable. Let us help you get started on breaking free of your comfort zones with a FREE consultation. Click here to schedule a time to talk more.
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