Whether you are a business owner, or person considering a new career, finding “the fit” is the key to being truly fulfilled in your professional life. The way to find that fit is to find your passion and ignite it.

That’s awe-inspiring…but…what defines our passion? How do we even find it?

1.) Take a Walk Down Memory Lane-It is funny how when we become adults we get so disconnected from our childhood.  However, many times the things we enjoyed in our youth can translate into inspiration for what we would enjoy now. Tapping into that is a great start to finding what you are passionate about.
2.) Create a Visual Focal Point– While it may seem juvenile, creating a visual focal point of your likes, goals, inspirations, etc. can really help tune you into what you want to do. You can physically make a creativity board with pictures, quotes, and goals on it; or even design a graphic to represent your visions. Whatever suits your own talents. The idea is the same.  Create something visual. Then you can utilize this to figure out what fits in your visualization, and what would bring it to life.
3.) Make a List of Who You Admire-We all have “that person” (or people) in our lives who seem to have it all together. They have it figured out. Make a list of these people. What is it about then that makes them successful? What can you learn from their successes, and even more importantly what can we learn from their failures?
4.) Just Jump-Once you have figured out what your passion is, and have some ideas on what you want to do, jump right in. I am not saying Mortgage your house, or make risky investments; I am simply stating don’t wait for the “perfect” moment to start your plan. There is no perfect moment. That is an illusion that keeps us bound where we are. Sure most of us won’t instantly be successful. True that we will most surely have some lingering doubts. However, taking those steps to start with your end goal in mind is everything. You can figure out the rest on the way.
5.) Reset & Regenerate-While hard work, focus, and determination is pivotal in starting a business, it is equally important to rest. Turn off business mode for a day, or a week, as needed. Reset and regenerate your mind so that you are ready for anything that comes your way. All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy and makes people burn out.  No one can keep up the pace of non-stop work forever. Those that try crash and burn.
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