Easy Things Most people are creatures of habit. While that in itself isn’t a terrible thing, staying in our comfort zones can rob us of many experiences and keep us from reaching our goals. There is not an overnight cure for our comfort zones, however there are small steps that you can take now that will eek you closer to you goals.   1.) Influence Healthy Stress Levels -To have healthy stress levels, you need to have an allotted amount of downtime each day. This has all kinds of benefits, both physically and mentally. If this task seem s impossible, start slowly. Try waking up 5 minutes earlier and stretching before you start you day. Every little thing adds up. Just focus on the moment and find joy in it. 2.) Just Take That First Step – For most people, taking the first step is the hardest part. Merely stepping outside of your predictable pattern will make your heart race, your palms sweat, and you may get a ripple of fear. However, for some those momentary jitters can be followed by anticipation, and excitement. This is life telling you to hold out for the sweet spot. You got this. 3.) Let Perfection Lose its Power – When you step outside of your comfort zone, you begin to take risks. Inevitably with risks come failures. However, the most important part to realize is that with risks comes greatness. Perfectionism robs us of greatness. Doing a job well and focusing on perfection are two different things. When we set our sights on perfection, we rob ourselves of achieving greatness for the fear of taking risks. So stop it. 4.) Creativity is Magnified – Vulnerability goes hand in hand with creativity. Creativity, in itself, is a type of freedom, and with this freedom you make yourself vulnerable to failure. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and risking this kind of failure can be difficult. But not stepping out of your comfort zone and not allowing yourself to be vulnerable will significantly restrict your creativity and stop you from developing to your full potential and living the life you want most. Focus is important but sometimes allow your mind to dream and imagine the possibilities. 5.) Change Becomes Easier – No matter how much you desire to stay in your comfort zone, life is about change. Inevitably, at some point in your life you will be faced with an experience that shakes your foundation. Many times, when major life transitions and events happen- moving, change of a job, change in relationship, injury, illness, and the like, you aren’t prepared. In some cases, there’s no way to prepare. You can’t see it coming. If you’re a person who has stepped outside the predictable, risen to the risk and made peace with the unknown, you’re better equipped to handle life’s changes and transitions. Your life experiences transform you and help you to adapt better and adjust to change. 6.) Your Confidence Grows Rapidly – What is more uplifting to your personal confidence and self-worth than succeeding at something new? Mastering a skill or developing in some way makes you feel that much more accomplished. You can’t take on a new challenge and benefit from the growth of confidence it gives until you take that step outside of your comfort zone.   What about you? What task have you tackled to start to eek out of your comfort zone?
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