We go where Businesses & Entrepreneurs everywhere have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. While it may take many months and even years to fully determine the economic downfall, one thing we know now is that many businesses have failed and even more are on the verge of failure. While this can be disheartening, the most important thing we can do right now is to FOCUS on what we CAN do and let go of what cannot control. Look at this as a time of great reflection. I have been referring to it as “The Great Pause”.
How are you coming out of The Great Pause?
Have you had to start over?
Are you not sure where to begin?
You are not alone.
Many people are feeling the same.
I challenge you to think about ONE THING. Just one. This should be:
One thing you can do.
One thing that continues your journey.
Just one.
Focus on that. Do one thing.
We go where our focus is. Make sure our focus is on what it should be on and not on the fear or worry. #nofear #fearless #consultingmemes #consulting #consultant #thegreatpause #doonethingtoday #greatthingsnevercamefromcomfortzones #covid19 #businessowner #business #entrepreneur
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