Trust me, as a small business owner I know


I know firsthand all the things that “should be done”.As someone who specializes in out of the box marketing, I also know how much power proper marketing plans have.However, a small business doesn’t have the time nor the funds to do all the things and do all the things correctly.I struggled with this myself for quite a while. Being listed as a “marketing agency” had me freaking out at the fact that my Twitter account has like 50 people on it. And that on some social media platforms I rarely post.However, I had to take a step back and give myself the same advice that I do my clients.

• If it is not contributing directly to making me more money and bringing me in more clients…
• It does not get priority.
• Some weeks that means I’m able to post pretty decently on social media, and maybe create a new deliverable. And other weeks that means my client work eats me alive and I do good to spray and pray something up on social media via Meet Edgar recycling.

Here’s the thing, My focus is where my clients are. That is what brings me and money. That is what my business is about. I have identified what areas of my marketing is bringing in the money, and ones that I may be able to turn into money at some point but right now it just isn’t there. So it makes sense that my primary focus goes to where my people are and where are the dollars are. And that’s where your focus should be too. I see so many entrepreneurs and small business owners Stressing themselves out about being perfect on every platform, having the perfect deliverables, and showing up at all the places flawlessly. But the fact is, they do not have an endless budget and they do not have an endless amount of time… So all they’re doing is spreading themselves so thin that even the areas that should be the low hanging fruit and the easy money are falling through the cracks.Figure out where your people are.

Figure out where the dollars are. Hyperfocus on that. With everything else… Let good enough be good enough until you have the time, people,dollars in place to be able to focus in a new area.

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